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The Super Power of Support

By Bianca Dantl | Blog |

Everybody loves a great superhero. Whether they are featured in books, movies or even your imagination, superheroes provide a sense of hope in times in desperation and use their super powers to enhance and empower the world. Even though superheroes tend to be acts of fiction, there are a few superpowers that are evident in the world with one of the most powerful being SUPPORT.

Investing in marketing doesn't need to cost the earth, but where do you start?

By Bianca Dantl | Blog |

When people first think of marketing, their initial reaction is that it’s going to cost a lot of money, so many small to medium businesses will do the bare minimum just to get by – especially during times like now with Covid-19. The thing to keep in mind is there are no magic solutions or silver bullets in marketing. Each business is different, therefore something that works for your neighbor might not be the campaign that works for you.

Plant the seed and watch it grow

By Bianca Dantl | Blog |

All inventions, brands and designs come from the same small beginnings – a seed, and with the nourishment, care and dedication they grow and evolve into creations.

What's in a name?

By Bianca Dantl | Blog |

Choosing a name for your business can be a tough one. Do you go with something that describes what you do? Do you use your initials? 

Keeping up with the Googles

By Bianca Dantl | Blog |

The old saying “Keeping up with the Joneses” is nothing in comparison to the way technology is dynamically changing the way marketers operate.