A marketing support service helping small businesses save time on marketing by being their remote personal marketeer.

Do you find yourself…

  • Putting things off because you have better things to do and not being held accountable?

  • Struggling to find the time to market your business because you are so busy running your business?

  • Unsure how to post or what to post on social media?

  • Not knowing how to make small changes to your website that could save you a lot of money if only you knew how?

You are not alone!

At soundslashimage, we empower small business owners to confidently market their business by providing them with the direction, support and tools they need to grow their results and ultimately save valuable time.

What we offer

Many small to medium businesses don’t have the resources to invest in a marketing staff
member. This is where Soundslashimage can help.  We can assist you with the marketing
activities that give a boost to your business.


Set yourself on the right path with a marketing plan. Click below to find out where to start.


Do you need a fresh digital presence? Or just a website update? Let’s discover the possibilities together.


Trying to think of the right message for your customers? We can help you with that.

Social Media

Social media can take up your valuable time. So how can we give you back your time?

How we work with you

Meet and Greet

Let’s meet and discuss what you are trying to achieve from your business. We can then look at the role marketing can play in helping you to achieve those goals.

A Plan for Business

After analysing what you want to achieve, we can develop a marketing plan that can provide directions on how to move forward to get results.

Let’s Create

With a plan in place, we can now start creating the marketing assets that will help you to achieve the results you want.

The proof is in


What Clients Say

mystery person
Michael Clapham
Antipodean Advisory
Soundslashimage completed work for my business, the service was efficient, friendly and professional. I will use their services again, I have no issue recommending them to others.
mystery person
Lydia Deukmedjian
Intuitive Psychic Tarot
I have always found Bianca to be creative, helpful and well informed. She listens to what I want to achieve and guides me though the maze of marketing with great results. I have recommended her to my colleagues who have also found her work t be exceptional. I don't know if I could set up my marketing strategy and website without her. Thank you so much!!!
mystery person
Serena Agius
A Colour ID
Bianca knows her stuff. She delivers excellent value for money with excellent turnaround times and a really positive attitude. Considering her client's needs closely, she is a joy to work with.


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