We work with you across all aspects of marketing – from developing a marketing strategy for the year to planning your social media and posting so you can build an online following.

You might have good intentions to market your business but, like many of our clients, you become distracted and invest your time in running your business. Let us keep you accountable and work with you to build your business.

At soundslashimage, we love helping small businesses with their marketing goals. Take a look below to see HOW we can help you get ready to build your business.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing can be a mine field and it can be difficult to know where to start.

Having a marketing plan can eliminate the confusion surrounding marketing. At soundslashimage we work with you to design a marketing program suited to your business – whether it’s for a campaign lasting a few weeks or for the entire year.

We take into account your business goals and design a program that is adaptable and works best for you. This way you can always plan to grow your business.


Do you need a fresh digital presence?

Websites need to be updated regularly to keep up with new enhancements but also to maintain its search engine rankings so your customers can easily find you. All of this can take up your valuable time.

So we can work together to find what will work for you. It could be an entirely new look, tweaks to your content or vivid new images to spice it up. Then let us take the burden out this chore by creating content, sourcing images and performing the update for you. 

Content Marketing

Do you know what you want to say but don’t know how to say it to your customers?

Sometimes we need someone who understands what you need and can write it all for you, in your style. At soundslashimage, we will discuss your content needs and create the message you want to convey.

The next step is to implement your message across a variety of marketing assets including articles, blog posts and videos that will get your message out to your customers.

Social Media

Let’s get social!

Including social media can seem daunting but with the support of soundslashimage, we can help you interact with your customers through social channels.

Social media can take up your valuable time with regular updates – needed to make it work. So how can we give you back your time?

We will work together to developing a plan to keep your social media presence alive. Then we will put the plan in action by establishing a social media management schedule to ensure your channels are updated regularly – the best part is that we perform the updates for you.

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